I was reminded again last week why I have brought my cars to Kurt for the past 12 years. Instead of an expensive repair recommended by a dealer (I purchased a maintenance contract on a new Toyota), Kurt got the job done for less than half the cost. He has repeatedly 1) found solutions when no one else could, 2) talked me out of repairs that were suggested by others, but not needed, and 3) done excellent work.

It's like 'old school' ethics and workmanship, which is probably why he has been in business for 22 years. Nice to deal with a mechanic who is so honest and skilled and takes pride in his work

David S. – San Jose 


When my parents retired to a place where life is slower, they met a neighbor whose son-in-law is a mechanic.  After playing six degrees of separation, we realized that his shop is 1 mile from my house.

I took my last car there several times, and he was wonderful.  He fixed my brakes, leaks in the engine, and once, when I had dead battery, he drove it to my house, installed it in my garage, and let me pay him later in the week.  

He's super honest, reasonable, and very friendly.  He's always been able to take care of any problem I've had in one day - but you do have to make an appointment because he's a one man shop.  

I couldn't recommend him more highly for South San Jose auto repair.

Kelly B.  – San Jose 


I was buying a used car and somebody recommended Kurt. It was Honda Accord with a clean carfax report and claim to be no-accident vehicle.
Kurt took about 45 mins to 1 hour for inspection.

His findings - This car had been in a minor accident and painted/repaired very meticulously.
Somebody slammed it from behind and then it went and hit the other guy in front.
The seller was speechless for about 30 seconds and with great difficulty admitted that it was exactly like that. He was too surprised that it was found.
I really enjoyed that moment :-)

He recommended that I buy the car at that specific price point, since it had no issues.
I bought it and still driving it with pleasure.

Note: Little pricey, as compared to other mechanics. But maybe you get what you pay for.
Honest, Professional and Friendly. Highly recommended.

Ndetect d. – Santa Clara



 Kurt's Auto Repair has done work on several cars within our family; our cars, my niece's car and my aunt's car. Kurt is honest, skilled and helpful. I sincerely appreciate the customer service that his shop offers. I feel confident sending my family and friends to Kurt's Auto Repair. I know that each person will get their car fixed in the amount of time and for the amount of money that they are quoted. Great place to take your car!

Christie M. – San  Jose


Honest guy, great service.  Brought my Dakota to Kurt 12 years ago & he did great work back then.  He recently troubleshot my Honda's AC & figured out the source of problems that the Honda dealership couldn't figure out.

Kevin R. – San Jose